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Versatile use cases for crypto payments

The Inqud Widget is a versatile tool that caters to a range of cryptocurrency payment scenarios, offering support for two primary use cases:

Fixed price payment for checkouts

Businesses can seamlessly integrate the Inqud Widget into their checkout process, allowing customers to make cryptocurrency payments for goods and services at a fixed price. This use case is ideal for e-commerce platforms, online retailers, and any business that offers products or services with specific, predetermined prices.

pageFixed amount checkouts

No price - balance top-ups

In addition to fixed price payments, the Inqud Widget also supports balance top-ups. This use case is perfect for businesses that offer digital wallets, prepaid accounts, or credits. Customers can conveniently add funds to their accounts without the need for a specified price, making it a versatile solution for platforms in various industries, including gaming, digital services, and more.

pageBalance top ups

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