The Inqud Crypto Project stands at the heart of our crypto recurring solution, serving as the primary interface for configuring and managing cryptocurrency payments. It's designed to be both powerful and user-friendly, ensuring that businesses can effortlessly tailor their crypto payment processes. To start working with the project, it is necessary to proceed with the setup.

2️⃣Step 2. Project setup


In the plans section of the project, you can create various plans. A plan is a structured framework for processing cryptocurrency payments, tailored to fit different business needs. Plans can be of two types: Subscription and On-demand.

  • Subscription Plan: Designed for recurring payments, suitable for services that require periodic billing.

  • On-demand Plan: Ideal flexible payment schedules with floating amount that are triggered by user actions.

For more details on plans, please follow the page bellow:


Project's currency settings

After creating the project, by default, all currencies in it are disabled. To enable the recurring payment acceptance, you need to activate currencies for a specific project. All available currencies for activation will be displayed in the settings.

Please note that the merchant has the ability not only to enable specific tokens but also to choose specific networks for each of these tokens.

Currently supported blockchains and cryptocurrencies:


Auto convert

For added convenience, you can activate the auto-convert feature. This helps mitigate risks associated with highly volatile currencies. How does it work? Upon enabling this feature, you'll need to choose a specific currency into which you want to convert incoming payments in the selected currency. After activating this setting, all payments received through the crypto recurring in the chosen currency will be automatically converted based on market rates.


Webhooks are automated messages sent from one app to another when a specific event occurs. You can use them to integrate Inqud Crypto Recurring with your system, ensuring seamless communication and real-time updates.

For more details on webhooks, please follow the page bellow:

🪝Web Hooks

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