The Plans section of the Inqud Crypto Project allows you to create and manage payment plans tailored to your business needs. Plans provide a structured framework for handling cryptocurrency payments, making it easy to manage subscriptions and on-demand payments.

There are two plan types.

Subscription Plan

Designed for recurring payments, subscription plans are ideal for services that require periodic billing, such as memberships, software as a service (SaaS), or any other regular payment schedules with fixed amount.

Subscription Plan parameters

Parameter nameDescirptionValues (Examples)


Plan name

"Premium access"


An interval of time between payments

Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly


Plan status

Active, On_Hold, Canceled


Plan amount (actual payment amount will be calculated based on user selected cryptocurrency)



Plan currency (actual payment currency will be user selected cryptocurrency)


Grace period

Additional time provided to a customer after their subscription has expired to renew or make a payment without losing access to the service

24 hours

On-demand Plan

On-demand plans are perfect for one-time payments or flexible payment schedules that are triggered by specific user actions. This type of plan is suitable for businesses that charge per transaction or offer pay-as-you-go services.

On-demand Plan parameters

Parameter nameDescirptionValues (Examples)


Plan name

"My Taxi"


Plan status

Active, On_Hold, Canceled

Once you have created a plan, you can share a link with the end user you want to subscribe. Each plan has a unique plan ID in the following format:


To create a link with this plan ID, use the following format:{planId}

For example, using the plan ID PLAN-195cd70d-4d82-41d6-90aa-897c28126ddf, the link would be:

You can share this link with your end user to allow them to subscribe to the plan directly.

Plan link accepts following query parameters:

Paramter nameDescriptionValues (Examples)


Merchant supplied order ID



Plan statuses


  • Description: New subscriptions and authorizations can be made to the plan.

  • Implications:

    • Customers can sign up for the plan.

    • Payments will be processed as scheduled.

    • The plan is fully operational and available to users.


  • Description: New authorizations and subscriptions cannot be made to the plan, but all existing ones remain active.

  • Implications:

    • No new customers can subscribe to the plan.

    • Existing subscriptions will continue to function as normal.

    • Current subscribers will still have their payments processed and receive services.


  • Description: New authorizations and subscriptions cannot be made to the plan, and all existing ones will be terminated after the current active subscription ends.

  • Implications:

    • No new subscriptions or authorizations are allowed.

    • Existing subscriptions will continue until the end of their current billing cycle.

    • After the current active subscription period ends, all subscriptions will be terminated, and no further payments will be processed.

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