On-Demand Payments

On-Demand Payments offer a flexible billing model that charges customers based on their actual usage, with no fixed amount or billing period. This approach is ideal for services where payment amounts vary depending on customer activity, such as ride-sharing services, utility bills, or one-click balance top-ups. With Inqud's On-Demand Payments, businesses can efficiently manage variable billing scenarios, ensuring a seamless and dynamic payment experience for their customers.

Key features

  • Flexible Payment Amounts: Charge customers based on their actual usage, accommodating variable billing amounts.

  • Multi-Currency Support: Accept payments in various cryptocurrencies on different blockchains, catering to a global customer base.

  • Fiat price specification: Businesses can specify the subscription price in familiar fiat currencies, making pricing transparent and easy to understand for customers.

  • Auto Convert: Automatically convert cryptocurrency payments to your preferred currency, protecting your business from market volatility.

Benefits for business

  • Attract crypto-savvy customers: By accepting crypto payments, businesses tap into a growing market of tech-savvy consumers.

  • Global reach: Cryptocurrency payments allow businesses to easily cater to an international customer base without worrying about currency conversion rates and fees.

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: One-click balance top-up and usage-based invoicing make payments convenient and transparent, improving customer satisfaction.

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