Embedded Widget overview

Smooth and seamless cryptocurrency payments

You can seamlessly incorporate the Inqud Crypto Widget directly into your website, offering a fluid and intuitive cryptocurrency payment flow. This direct integration ensures that users can complete their crypto transactions within the native environment of your website, without any redirection or break in the user experience.

Elevating UX across all devices

The Inqud Crypto Widget is designed to seamlessly enhance the UX of your website. The desktop version has a fixed width of 390 pixels, ensuring ease of integration into any location on the site. For screens up to 758 pixels, the mobile version of the widget will be displayed.

This feature is developed with a focus on user needs, providing stable visual representation and functionality when used on desktop computers and mobile phones.

Dynamic frontend adaptation with payment status callbacks

The Inqud Crypto Widget enhances the user experience by providing frontend callbacks that dynamically update your website or application in response to changes in payment status. This means as the status of a payment shifts – from initiation, through processing, to completion or failure – these changes can be instantly reflected on the user interface. Your platform's frontend can adapt in real-time, displaying relevant messages, updating statuses, or even triggering specific user interface changes.

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