⚙️API Only

For more sophisticated and adaptable solutions, you can utilize the API Only type of integration.


  • Your business account with Inqud is set up, complete with API tokens configured.

  • The Crypto Widget has been established and configured within the Inqud platform.

  • The Crypto Widget is active.

  • Request web-hook is configured.


1. Create Fixed Price Request through Inqud API

Requests API Reference

Request Example:

POST https://api.inqud.com/v1/user/crypto-acquiring/{projectId}/requests

Request Headers:
X-Token-API-Id: {tokenApiId}
X-Token-API-Secret: {tokenApiSecret}

Request Body:
    "amount": 100,
    "amountIn": "USD",
    "clientOrderId": "1234567890",
    "cryptoCurrency": "ETHEREUM_USDT"

Response Example:

  "id": "CAPD-8f57bdbe-b485-41e2-a850-ef4feb45759c",
  "orderId": "ORD-5e5e6551-3cae-4124-a299-6fef30105fb9",
  "clientOrderId": "1234567890",
  "currency": "USDT",
  "blockchain": "ETHEREUM",
  "status": "WAITING_PAYMENT",
  "reason": null,
  "cryptoAcquiringProjectId": "CAP-df02b127-6717-4a73-a231-5a57155308a5",
  "cryptoAcquiringProjectName": "test",
  "checkoutId": null,
  "address": "0xd954c250e68d2e4585a83d01c2f620ca0f9e94e5",
  "paymentWindowEndsAt": "2023-12-22T09:49:13.124979025Z",
  "expiresAt": "2023-12-22T09:49:13.125002012Z",
  "createdAt": "2023-12-22T09:39:13.125003488Z",
  "lastUpdatedAt": null,
  "paymentStatus": null,
  "paymentId": null,
  "payment": null,
  "txHash": null,
  "requestAmount": 100,
  "requestAmountIn": "USD",
  "requestAmountConverted": 99.46291,
  "convertPair": "USDTUSD",
  "convertRate": 1.0054,
  "payAmount": 99.46291,
  "payerPlatformFee": 0,
  "payerFixedPlatformFee": null,
  "payerPercentPlatformFee": null,
  "merchantPlatformFee": 5.07315,
  "merchantFixedPlatformFee": 0.1,
  "merchantPercentPlatformFee": 5,
  "processingAmount": 94.38976,
  "paidAmount": null,
  "overpaid": false,
  "minLimit": null,
  "maxLimit": null

The following fields in the response are the most important:



Currency of payment


Blockchain of payment


The address end user should pay to


This timestamp is provided to the user to indicate the payment window's closure. However, Inqud makes a slight extension beyond this time to accommodate potential delays in the blockchain network.


This represents the amount the user is expected to pay. The user has the option to pay this exact amount or more. However, if the payment is less than the expected amount, the request will be flagged as CONFLICT/UNDERPAID.

Request Web Hook

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