⚙️API Only

For more sophisticated and adaptable solutions, you can utilize the API Only type of integration.


  • Your business account with Inqud is set up, complete with API tokens configured.

  • The Crypto Widget has been established and configured within the Inqud platform.

  • The Crypto Widget is active.

  • Request web-hook is configured.


1. Create Fixed Price Request through Inqud API

Requests API Reference

Request Example:

POST https://api.inqud.com/v1/user/crypto-acquiring/{projectId}/requests

Request Headers:
X-Token-API-Id: {tokenApiId}
X-Token-API-Secret: {tokenApiSecret}

Request Body:
    "amount": 100,
    "amountIn": "USD",
    "clientOrderId": "1234567890",
    "cryptoCurrency": "ETHEREUM_USDT"

Response Example:

  "id": "CAPD-8f57bdbe-b485-41e2-a850-ef4feb45759c",
  "orderId": "ORD-5e5e6551-3cae-4124-a299-6fef30105fb9",
  "clientOrderId": "1234567890",
  "currency": "USDT",
  "blockchain": "ETHEREUM",
  "status": "WAITING_PAYMENT",
  "reason": null,
  "cryptoAcquiringProjectId": "CAP-df02b127-6717-4a73-a231-5a57155308a5",
  "cryptoAcquiringProjectName": "test",
  "checkoutId": null,
  "address": "0xd954c250e68d2e4585a83d01c2f620ca0f9e94e5",
  "paymentWindowEndsAt": "2023-12-22T09:49:13.124979025Z",
  "expiresAt": "2023-12-22T09:49:13.125002012Z",
  "createdAt": "2023-12-22T09:39:13.125003488Z",
  "lastUpdatedAt": null,
  "paymentStatus": null,
  "paymentId": null,
  "payment": null,
  "txHash": null,
  "requestAmount": 100,
  "requestAmountIn": "USD",
  "requestAmountConverted": 99.46291,
  "convertPair": "USDTUSD",
  "convertRate": 1.0054,
  "payAmount": 99.46291,
  "payerPlatformFee": 0,
  "payerFixedPlatformFee": null,
  "payerPercentPlatformFee": null,
  "merchantPlatformFee": 5.07315,
  "merchantFixedPlatformFee": 0.1,
  "merchantPercentPlatformFee": 5,
  "processingAmount": 94.38976,
  "paidAmount": null,
  "overpaid": false,
  "minLimit": null,
  "maxLimit": null

The following fields in the response are the most important:

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