2️⃣Step 2. Widget setup

Moving on to the next step involves creating and configuring the widget. Firstly, you need to create the widget and configure it. Instructions for creating and configuring the widget are available below.

Widget creation guide:

  1. Navigate to the menu, then select "Crypto Widgets" and go to the "Widgets" section.

  2. Click on the "Create new" button.

  3. Follow the instructions:

    • Enter the name of the new widget in the respective field.

    • If needed, activate the widget by toggling the "Active" switch to the ON position.

Upon successful creation, you can proceed to the widget profile to configure the necessary settings according to your requirements.

Widget currency settings management guide:

This section displays all the currencies that have been connected to the widget. It's important to note that by default, the widget does not have any currencies connected, which means they need to be linked accordingly.

To activate available options, navigate to "Crypto Widgets" and go to the "Widgets" sections in the menu, and select the desired widget.

  1. Next, go to the "Widget’s currency settings" section and click on the "Manage" button.

  2. In the opened window, choose the currencies and networks you would like to connect to the widget.

Please note that only the currencies enabled in the settings will be displayed for users.

Automatic conversion settings activation guide

Set up automatic exchange rules within the widget. When a payment is received, Inqud will automatically convert the cryptocurrency into a specified currency, based on the current market rate. This ensures that your business receives the equivalent value in a stable and familiar currency format.

  1. Navigate to the "Crypto Widgets" -> "Widgets" menu and select the desired widget.

  2. Go to the "Widget’s currency settings" section.

  3. Choose the enabled currency for which you would like to automatically convert payments.

  4. Toggle the "Auto exchange" switch to the active state.

  5. Select from the available currencies the one into which you want to perform automatic conversion.

Currently supported blockchains and cryptocurrencies:


Fee settings

  • Fee is paid by end user

    • Toggle On: When this setting is enabled, the Inqud platform fee is added on top of the payment amount due from the end user.

    • Toggle Off: If this setting is disabled, the platform fee is instead deducted from the transaction amount upon its receipt on the merchant's side.

    Note: If the setting is enabled, the user will see information about the commission they have to pay.

  • Hide fee from user By using this feature, merchants can decide whether to display a notice about the platform fee to the end user during the transaction process. This ensures greater transparency and allows users to be fully informed about any additional charges.

Request and checkout webhoks

Webhooks provide merchants with the capability to receive real-time notifications about cryptocurrency payment transactions. This feature enables seamless synchronization and updating of their internal systems with the latest payment information.

Inqud facilitates comprehensive notification services for merchants on three distinct levels:

  1. Checkouts: Receive updates specifically related to the checkout process.

  2. Requests: Get notified about various payment requests initiated by merchant.

  3. Payments: Stay informed about the status and details of actual payment transactions.

Refer to Web Hooks page to grasp into technical details:

🪝pageWeb Hooks

Domain management guide

  1. Navigate to the "Crypto widgets" section and select "Widgets."

  2. Choose the widget to which you want to link the domain.

  3. In the profile of the selected widget, locate the "Domain Management" section.

  4. In the dropdown list, choose the desired domain. Please note that only widgets for which you have completed Inqud verification will be displayed in the list.

For more details please refer to:

pageDomain management

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